Interim Camp Manager

We are so excited to welcome you to Oak Hill Christian Service Camp !

While the Board takes some time to evaluate the Camp Manager role, I have been appointed to serve as Volunteer Interim Camp Manager. This will allow us to focus our time and effort into this 2021 camp season, COVID protocols, and the new building construction, which is quite a lot!

I am extremely thankful to the Leadership at Compass Christian Church for allowing me to serve in this capacity for this camp season. 

Camp ministry is very much a family ministry and I am so grateful for my family, my husband Brandon, and our daughter, Zoey, who both serve right beside me in this new role!

Why do we love Oak Hill Christian Service Camp so much? I can hardly begin to put it in words. I have personally witnessed the Holy Spirit stir hearts, change lives, alter destinies, and rescue souls… all while at Oak Hill Christian Service Camp. We seek to bring Him all the glory through an amazing summer of camp this year!

Heather Ferguson

You can contact the camp manager via email at

Camp Board of Directors

Heather Ferguson
Chair /
Compass Christian Church Representative
Page Pigg
Co-Chair / Mechanicsville Church of Christ Representative
Kim Coleman
Carol Campbell
Secretary / Bonnie Brae Church of Christ Representative


Krista Barnes
Fairmount Christian Church Representative
Steve Dunham
Calvary Christian Church Representative
Connor Dunn
Gethsemane Church of Christ Representative
Michael Jackson
Unionville Christian Church Representative
Shawn Williams
Forest Grove Church of Christ Representative