Sunday, July 20th (2pm) to Sunday, July 8th (8pm)
Those entering 8th grade through 2019 graduates
Christie Brust & Missy Grubbs
$200 before June 1
$220 beginning June 1


Music & Drama is for the artistic camper who enjoys singing and acting.  Campers practice and learn a musical drama at camp before going on a short tour where they will perform at churches – and of course have a great time together.
Important Info:
  • Check-in is Saturday, July 20 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Tour Costume is street clothes: khakis (pants or shorts), colored shirt (any style or color, subtle designs OK but no graphics/words), and shoes that attach (no flip flops); bring two outfits (or at least shirts)
  • Bedding/fresh towels needed for tour as we will stay at Mid-Atlantic Christian University in their dorms for two nights.
  • Tour schedules includes 7-8 meals out, so prepare accordingly.
  • 2019 Tour Itinerary to be Announced
If you have questions or would like more info, contact the deans [Christie at 804-651-4030 or Missy at 804-647-3298].  They will be glad to give you a more in-depth explanation of our week and what you will need.
Sign up and bring a friend!!