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Online registration is OPEN – Before registering, please read the following in its entirety as some policies have changed this year due to COVID-19.

Dear Parents, Campers, Volunteers and Supporters of Oak Hill Christian Service Camp [CAMP],

We are thrilled to be opening for the 2021 camp season! The Board and Camp Manager have been working closely with the Virginia Department of Health to develop a plan to provide a healthy and safe camp experience.  However, it must be understood that attending any camp or youth gathering will involve some risk.  By registering your child(ren) for camp, you are accepting that risk and acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that your child(ren) may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending the CAMP events. 

In an effort to provide a safe camp experience during the 2021 camp season by mitigating the risk stated above and to adhere to state regulations, the following policies are effective for the 2021 camp season.  Please read through these changes carefully before registering your child(ren), as many of our long-accepted practices (such as visitors and/or leaving camp property) have changed. 

1. Registration:

a. Online registration will be the only form of registration (no walk-ins). Online registration will close 2 weeks prior to a camp week or when a week is full (whichever occurs first).   Any exceptions will require Camp Manager and/or Board approval.

b. Screening: VDH requires one of the conditions to be met for Overnight Camp screening.

i. A negative molecular test within seven days prior to the beginning of camp

ii. 14-day symptom screening for the camper and all persons in their household.   This includes an affirmation of no known exposure to persons with confirmed or suspected COVID cases in past 14 days.

iii. Has been fully vaccinated (2 weeks or more have passed since receipt of the final dose).

iv. Has had COVID-19 within the past 3 months (as long as they do not develop new symptoms).

c. Registration will be staggered assigning each camper a registration window (i.e.: 4:00-4:15pm, 4:15-4:30pm). Anyone entering any building for registration/check in must wear a face mask.

d. Registration is limited to one parent/legal guardian per camper. All other person(s) must maintain a minimum of 6ft of physical distance from campers/staff.

e. Registration traffic flow will be rerouted to allow one way traffic for entrance and egress.  More information to be provided via email before check in.

f. ALL Campers must be present at registration to be screened by the Camp Nurse. No exceptions can be made to ensure the safety and well-being of our Campers, Staff and Volunteers.

g. One parent/legal guardian (chaperone) will be permitted to assist a Camper in transporting his/her belongings into the cabin provided a face mask is worn while in the cabin at all times.  At check in, no more than 3 chaperones should be in a cabin at a time to allow for social distance.

2. Refunds:  If for any reason (COVID symptoms, potential exposure, close contact, etc.) a camper is unable to attend camp, a FULL refund will be issued up to Check In.  Once a camper is checked in, no refunds will be offered.  PLEASE help us remain open and provide a safe environment for our staff and campers by ONLY sending healthy campers!

3. Illness:  If your child becomes ill parents and/or legal guardians affirm that they (or a designated emergency contact) WILL pick up their Child within a 120-minute window should their child become ill while at CAMP.    

a. If a camper displays symptoms of COVID-19 while at CAMP the parent/legal guardian will be notified to come pick up their camper within the 2 hour time frame.

b. Camper displaying symptoms will be quarantined from other staff/campers.

c. Cohort will continue camp activities while distanced from other Cohorts.

d. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, all parents/guardians of the impacted Cohort will be notified with the option to allow their camper to remain at Camp (Cohort separated from other Cohorts) or to pick up their Camper.

4. Daily Health Screening:  Camp personnel must perform a daily symptom screening of all campers, including upon arrival. Daily screenings must include:

a. Cough

b. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

c. Fever of 100.00 or more

d. Chills

e. Muscle Pain (not related to physical activity)

f. Sore throat

g. New loss of taste or smell 

h. Stomach upset (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea)

5. Off-site Policy: Regretfully, campers and JCs will not be permitted to leave and return to the campgrounds as in past practice for sports/swim meets/etc. **Camp field trips are an exception if permitted by the Camp Manager and/or Board.

6. COVID Specific Supply List: In addition to the normal camp packing list, the following are required:

a. 2 face coverings for each day of camp (2 per day minimum)

b. Bottle of hand sanitizer

c. 1 labeled refillable water bottle

7. Masks:

a. Staff and Volunteers shall wear masks during registration at all times as each camper is screened.      

b. Staff and Volunteers shall wear masks at all times while handling / preparing / serving food and beverages (dining hall, canteen, special snacks, etc.).

c. Per the VDH: Campers above the age of 5 and staff must wear a mask as required by Executive Order 72. However, masks requirements do not apply to Camp Cohorts.   Campers will be placed in Cohorts (teams) at Check In.  Teams are considered equivalent to a Family as defined in Executive Order 72 therefore, masks will not be required during Team activities.  Per the VDH, mask requirements do not apply unless persons are in the presence of campers or staff outside of their Team [camp cohort/Family] or are in an indoor public place that is shared with other campers or staff.  So, MASKS will not be required during an activity involving only the camper’s cohort, and camp will be operating in Cohorts throughout the week.   

d. Masks are not required during outdoor activities/exercise/swimming etc.

e. Religious exemptions allow for mask requirements to be waived for participation in religious activities.

8. Cabins: 

a. Campers should not share personal items.

b. After checking in, only cabin residents are permitted in the cabin (no visiting other cabins).   

c. All cabin residents should use hand sanitizer or wash hands with soap and water upon entry/exit to the bathhouse. 

9. Visitors/Speakers/Band Members/Entertainers: Regrettably, our visitation policy MUST change to ensure our camper’s health.   No outside visitors will be permitted EXCEPT person(s) requested by the Dean(s) and screened by the Nurse for a specific task (band members, speakers, entertainers).  All such designated persons must complete the Affirmation of Wellness AND complete the same COVID medical screening outlined above (Appendix E) before proceeding to camper areas at camp.     

10. Teams: Cabins may be combined to form one cohort (teams) for the week (cohorts may not exceed 25 persons).  Teams may gather for recreation, dining etc. Teams maintain 6 feet from other teams, or 10 feet for any activity with cheering, exertion, or singing.

a. Pool “free swim” by Teams: Campers should follow physical distancing per groups/cohorts and perform proper hand hygiene prior to entry and when leaving pools.  Up to two teams may use the pool at the same time with assigned areas (deep end or shallow end).

b. Worship Center/Pavilion: Camper Teams to follow physical distancing from other Teams.   Team areas to be designated via tape/paint.  Campers dismissed by Team to ensure distancing.    

c. Recreation Free time (Gaga, Ping Pong, Canteen) by Team: Proper hand hygiene prior to and after recreation stations required. 

11. Packages:   Campers may receive packages via the USPS or other mail carriers; however, CAMP cannot accommodate visitors this season.  Please coordinate with the CAMP Manager and/or Dean for contactless drop off.  Violations to this policy may result in camper dismissal.

12. Canteen: To expedite the canteen process, we are trying something different this year.  Registration (this year) includes canteen “credit”.  Each camper will be allowed one snack and one beverage at each canteen throughout their camp week. This is to reduce the line wait time and keep the line moving.  You do have the option to support our Camp with a “missions” donation online this year!

Just a few reminders before registering:
    • Full payment is due at time of registration.
    • Our online processing program charges a small processing fee at registration.
    • All grade levels listed are for the grade your camper will be entering into in the fall of 2021.
    • If your church is paying for any portion of the registration fee, please see your church secretary, minister or your camp director. They will provide you with a church-specific coupon code which can be entered at checkout.
    • If you were selected as Camper of the Week in 2019, please contact our registrar, Shannon Ellis, at to receive your coupon code which you will enter during registration to receive your free week of camp.
    • Scholarship Applications: If you need financial assistance, please complete our Scholarship Application and submit it by May 1, 2021. You will be notified if you are awarded a scholarship at which time you can register your camper. NOTE:  Scholarship funds are limited and will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the quicker we get your application the better.