In 2017, our cost per camper was around $63 per camper per day, which would require a full week to cost on average $385/week. 

However, through the generous giving of our supporting congregations and individuals like YOU, we were able to keep our registration fees affordable, an average of $233/week. 

Without ongoing financial support from churches and individuals we would have to raise our registration fees by approximately 175% just to break even, putting camp out of many families’ financial reach.

Would you consider making a one-time donation or a recurring gift to help us keep the cost of camp in reach of families? A monthly donation of  just $15/month covers the gap for one camper per year!



Thank you for considering making a tax-deductible donation to Oak Hill Camp! 


How to give:

1) You can mail a check to our treasurer at:

     Oak Hill Christian Service Camp
     PO Box 245
     Studley, VA 23162

2) Take advantage of our new secure, online giving option:

Thank you for helping us Plant Seeds That Will Grow!